Technical Translations

In technical industries, the use of correct and proper terminology is critical. We provide specialized technical translations and revise all translated material using industry specialized engineers.

Project management

For TTLS, project management is one of our key strengths. Our project goals are to deliver on-time and with the highest degree of quality the work we do for our customers. That is the focus for our project managers.

Terminology management

Terminology management allows us to achieve effective and accurate translations by organizing these terms with a clear set of rules for their usage. This ensures that the correct term is used within a translation.

Who we are

At TTLS we pride ourselves on being an industry-specialized language solutions provider. We know that within the global market, the need for professional technical understanding is the detail that makes the difference between selecting us or the next translation company.

Our company was founded on the principle of helping our clients to bridge the technical gap in translations and to assure them the desired technical content for their materials. Whether you are a private individual or a large multinational corporation, we are ready to support you.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a key component in any translation management system. It allows delivering excellent translations while continuously improving the overall quality.

Why do we need it?
The fact is, yes, translation is a skilled discipline which requires a unique combination of skills and experience and therefore, the translation industry uses many of the same processes as other industries to keep projects on track, on time, and on budget.